Birthday Love Tank

Wonderful ideas to help fill your child’s birthday love tank:

love-tank-jpeg-e1365608270187All the Best,

Signature Mae

Snow Day Paper Crafts – Activity

Hello!  I’m 9months pregnant and home all day LONG with a (rambunctious but FABULOUS) 5 year old.

I’m tired, he’s …not.

Thank God for the assist from Michelle over at! She has saved my life these past couple of days with these awesome and easy to follow paper craft tutorials.  Featured are the Paper Bag Lego Man (aka, Emmett, ‘The Special’), the Paper Heart Frog, and Fox.  Ahhh-dorable, and FUN!


I’m reminding myself daily (hourly?) not to wish away these final days leading up to the birth of Garrett’s baby brother.  Our family dynamic is about to change in a big way.  Having such a easy and fun tutorial at the tip of my fingers was really such a blessing for both of us.

Thanks again, Michelle!

All the Best,
Signature Mae

Complimentary Memorial Design Service


As some of you know, a couple of significant life events introduced me to the world of custom design: the unexpected death of my brother (Memorial Card) and the somewhat unexpected birth of my son (Birth Announcement). From now on, for the entire month of May (in honor of my brother’s birth month), Memorial designs are free of charge*. Since this was put on my heart late in the month of May, I’m extending this service through the end of June 2014, and then every month of May until the end of Custom Mae’d.

*FINE PRINT – Design service (includes a digital file that you can print anywhere) is FREE. Prints are offered at a discounted rate, approximately $1 each. Contact for more details.