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Summer Fun and Design Inspiration

Summer Fun and Design Inspiration

When creating new design, sometimes I’m motivated by a special event, a holiday, or a popular fad.

But often times that’s just not enough, and the work doesn’t come easy. 🤔

What’s my secret sauce? What inspires me to create my most favorite designs?

What’s the truth behind my design inspiration?

Simply put – MY KIDS!


Lol, I know that sounds so cliche, but spare me the eye roll and read on… 🙄😂👉🏼

My boys – ages 2 and 7 – are lucky enough to still see the world much differently than I do. So when their world lights up, not only does it fill my heart with JOY, but their sparkle captures my attention.

Like fireflies to the jar, I try to capture these moments and translate them into design that is used well beyond your event date. ✨

My goal is to provide more than an invitation.
I want to offer a keepsake.
It’s more than a banner for the dessert table.
It’s a high quality personalized banner that hangs above the crib in the nursery.

That’s my goal. That’s my heart. That’s what lights me up!

As most of you know, I recently collaborated on a Wild West party with my sweet friend Carolina of @minteventdesign. While the details of the party are amazing (her attention to detail is ON POINT!), it was a sun-kissed summer day at the county fair that inspired this design.


My friend’s husband is a semi-retired professional bull rider. (I know, right?!) It was by invitation that we were introduced to their world.

I’ll never forget my boy sitting on that fence, with his flushed sweaty cheeks, eyes lit up by the cowboys being …cowboys!

That, my friends, is what this is all about.

I don’t only make invitations.

I capture memories.
I preserve moments.

I chase (and release) fireflies.
How magical is that?! So when it comes time to capture that special day and preserve those memories, I’ll be ready for you!

Together we’ll turn your vision into something that really lights you up.

Party on, Friends!






March Madness – Custom Basketball Banners and a FREE Download

This is madness, people! These custom basketball banners by Mae of Custom Mae’d are flying off the shelves!  They’re nothin’ but net! Every letter in the alphabet is available, so what’s yours gonna say?

custom basketball banners

I’m a BIG fan of basketball, but that has very little to do with LeBron.  I’m more of Larry Bird vintage.

I was a cheerleader in high school.  If you knew me, I think you’d be surprised by this.  You see, I wasn’t what you would call ‘super bubbly’.  When I was 15, my family moved from Lenox, MA to Harwich.  In doing so, I was forced to leave my first love, … gymnastics.

Cheerleading was the closest substitute that my new school offered, so I adopted a ‘rah-rah-rah’ attitude.

I was a basketball cheerleader.

basketball cheerleader

Ahh, the memories in that gym!  We competed in All Cape Cheerleading competitions (and won) with a little help from ‘the artist formerly known as Prince’.  Back then he was just ‘Prince”.

Actually, no!  It was Morris Day and ‘Jungle Love’!  What that had to do with Basketball, I’ll never know.  But we sure had fun.

{NEW} Basketball banners are now available in the shop.  Check ’em out.  I’m looking forward to hooking you up with one (or two?).  Let your imagination run wild, and when you’re ready, give me a ‘shout’!

I appreciate that you stopped by.  Share your favorite basketball memory in the comments below.

March Madness Jimmy V quote

All the Best,

Signature Mae


Buffalo Plaid Christmas Card

NEW for Holiday 2015 – Buffalo Plaid Christmas Card

Staying true to my obsession of buffalo plaid, I’ve created this ‘Buffalo Plaid Christmas Card’.  I don’t know what it is about this checkered black and red pattern, it simply makes me happy.

Old Spice, lumberjack, beard oil HAPPY.  (My dad wore Old Spice. Did yours?)

buffalo plaid holiday card

This card is particularly special to me because these are my people.

This is my family, and my own personal Christmas card.

buffalo plaid holiday card

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

All the Best,

Signature Mae

Kindergarten and Letting Go – ‘All Of It’

Kindergarten and Letting Go – ‘All Of It’

I remember as though it were yesterday – the day my daughter started Kindergarten.


She is now 24.

I blinked, and my award-winning piano player, poetry reading, super-smart ‘little girl’ is now a 24 year old college graduate.

Tomorrow my five year old son will start Kindergarten.


I am not ready.  But I know he is.

We spent the day at the river today.  I’ve been on a roller coaster with my emotions lately (weaning my littlest from breastfeeding may be contributing somewhat, haha!).  As I stood by the river watching my son splash around, I kept flashing back to the adventures we’ve shared over the past five years.  Man, what a ride!  This kid – my ALL-boy, adventure-seeking, rule-breaking, best-hugging, twinkle-eyed little boy. This kid.  My boy!

As hard as I try, I am powerless over time.  He will start school tomorrow, as it should be.

While we were at the river, he asked if he could get his feet wet.  I said yes.

His feet became his socks,
… which became his pant legs,
… which became – all of it!  


‘All of it’ happens to be one of his current favorite sayings.  When he sees something he likes, he says, “I want that.  I want all of it!”.

Jumping in the river is so totally representative of letting go.  It’s time for him to ‘get his feet wet’ – and then some – at his pace …. and it’s going to be okay.

I cannot control all of what will happen tomorrow.
His first day of Kindergarten will not be a shared experience.
I have to trust that I have done enough.
Have I done enough?  Have I done enough?? ….That is the tear-jerker.

So, I started a list of things that I will do TODAY to help the process feel a little lighter tomorrow:
1) lay out his clothes for his first day of school.  All of it.  Socks, undies, shoes, pants, shirt – you get the idea.
2) place the items we failed to drop off at open house (glue sticks, white erasers) into his new Darth Vader backpack and hang it by the door.
3) decide what to make for lunch, and print out silly Lunchpack inserts.
4) make sure my camera battery is charged.  And, my phone.
5) remember that I have decided to host a small group of Mommies to ‘hug-it-out’ with after drop off.  Chill the orange juice and champagne. Make sure I have ingredients for quiche (and any needed lunchbox items).  Schedule a quick trip to the grocery store!
6) let it sink in that I have an amazing kid who is READY to start Kindergarten.  He is ready.  I have done enough.

7) let it sink in that I have an amazing kid who is READY to start Kindergarten.  He is ready.  I have done enough.

8) repeat numbers 6 & 7 as often as needed.

9) enjoy this last day of pre-Kindergarten Garrett, because come 3:30 tomorrow at pick-up he’s going to be standing just a little taller.  Which really is a good thing.  All of it.


Enjoy the ride, Mamas! All of it.

To my littlest – …don’t even think about it!  haha!  All in time…


All the Best,

Signature Mae