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Construction Party – Tools of the Trade


Construction Party – Tools of the Trade

From the time my son was two, there was no doubt in his mind who he wanted to be when he grew up:


His Daddy.

His ‘Papa’, my hubby, worked as a project manager in the construction field for many years. With all of the BIG equipment, many busy men-at-work, the noise, and yes – even the smell – nothing could compete with a visit to see Daddy at work!

So when it was time to celebrate my son’s birthday, choosing a theme was easy, and in no time his party was … ‘Under Construction’!

He had fun helping me to choose different design elements for his birthday. We took a trip to Home Depot® and purchased contractor pencils and aprons. We had fun working to create our ‘Under Construction’ party favors. Into each apron we added construction theme erasers, stickers, a pack of road sign playing cards, and a ‘Thank You’ note. The result was the cutest construction party favor ever! The cuteness didn’t end there – we placed all of the filled apron favors in a black and yellow tool chest for display. Construction cuteness overload.


I’ve provided a detailed supply list below, complete with links to supplies and prices for each item, so that you can create your very own Home Depot® Apron Party Favors! They are not only super budget friendly, but also were a BIG hit!

I addition to the aprons, I have a friend in the soap business who made these adorable Construction Rubber Duckie soaps. They were handed out along with the contractor aprons to all of our party guests.


I designed a complete construction theme for my son’s fourth birthday which included personalized cupcake toppers, table tents which displayed cleverly labeled ‘construction’ food items* (list coming soon), a refueling station complete with personalized juice box wrappers, thank you gift tags and lots more!


Construction-Food-LabelsHave some FUN with your Construction Food Labels! Here are a few suggestions:



Supplies you will need to make your own Home Depot® Construction Apron Party Favors:

Other Construction Party Supplies worth checking out:

* you can find the contractor pencil IN STORE (at Home Depot) for less.

Be sure to stop by my CONSTRUCTION Party board on Pinterest for even more Construction Party inspiration:


Don’t hesitate to contact me and together we’ll ‘work’ to create the perfect construction party for your little worker. Invitations, gift tags, coordinating thank you cards and more are all available in the shop!

Construction-PlayAll the Best,

Signature Mae